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Tarikh : 16/04/2018 - 27/04/2018
1. Pn. Rohaiza bt Hashim (K)
2. Pn. Zainah bt Mohd Noor
3. Pn. Aliza bt Ahmad
4. En. Mohd Nasrul b Abu Bakar
5. Pn. Rafikah bt Ishak
6. Pn. Nur Hasliza bt Md Osman
7. Pn. Ku Zurriyati bt Ku Ismail
8. Pn. Ruthra Devy a/p Ulaganathan

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    Written by Administrator   
    Saturday, 03 March 2018 00:52

    HSBM "Trigerring Initiatives In Learning, Thinking & Teaching" (TILT 1.0) 2018

    "Triggering Initiatives in Learning, Thinking and Teaching" (TILT) 1.0/2018 is an international event which provides a platform for the sharing of ideas in learning, thinking and teaching across borders. It offers unique educational and growth opportunities to have a better networking, and cross-cultural teaching and learning experience.

    This event will be held on 31st March 2018 at High School Bukit Mertajam (HSBM), Penang, Malaysia. Among the activities which will be carried out that day include competition (HOTS Quiz Challenge), sharing sessions of some of the best teaching and learning practices, and the showcase of innovations in teaching and learning. In conjunction with that, we are very pleased to invite your institution to attend and be a part of this big event.

    Below are the official invitation letters and information about the above-mentioned competition.

    1. General letter

    2. HOTS Challenge 2018 - Official Letter (updated March 7)

    3. HOTS Challenge 2018 Terms & Conditions (updated March 7)

    4. HOTS Challenge Registration Form


    6. IYLVC 2018 Official Letter (updated March 7)

    7. IYLVC 2018 Terms & Conditions_pg1 (updated March 7)

    8. IYLVC 2018 Terms & Conditions_pg2 (updated March 7)

    9. IYLVC 2018 Registration Form

    We will be waiting for your positive response. Please do not hesitate to contact us should there be any queries. Thank you.

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